Experts in trimming and all tree services and advice

TREE SERVICES - Cell: 083 225 0295

Tree Surgery

• Dead wooding
• Cutting back
• Pruning
• Remedial work
• Thinning
• Felling
• Trimming
• Hedge trimming
• Stump grinding


• Tree sourcing
• Planting
• Transplanting
• Staking
• Root treatment
• Split bracing

Other Services

• Pole cutting
• Firewood cutting
• Planking
• Chipping
• Mulching
• Composting
• Fertilizing
• Gutter cleaning
• Pest and disease treatment


• Botanical and Horticultural
• All tree concerns
• Plant Identification
• Tree Surveys
• Tree Reports incl. rot and root assessment
• Risk Assessment
• Insurance Claims
• Advice on neighbours rights and obligations

Our Speciality

Contracting and consulting services for trees and other garden work
Over 25 years of experience

Rod Tritton, the owner of The Tree Doctor, is a tree expert who has more than 25 years experience in looking after trees in Cape Town.
He has a degree in botany and environmental science, a diploma in horticulture and arboriculture, and a life-long interest in trees.
He can advise on everything to do with all types of trees.
As well as a consultancy service, Rod runs a team of experienced tree fellers who are also expert gardeners and who know how to do everything from planting a rose to felling a redwood, and everything in between.